Saturday School

Saturday School

Saturday School

We are pleased to offer extra help for children from 6-18 years who are struggling with reading and spelling. We hold classes in Maryport and Seascale

The Content
Each child has an individual programme according to their needs. Activities include reading, phonic activities, phonic and spelling games, individualised computer programmes and the use of reading and spelling applications. Because it will be on Saturday mornings, the work will be as games and fun based as possible.  We have found the children respond very positively to this approach, and even the initially reluctant keep coming!

The Cost
Classes run in blocks of four Saturdays during term time, the cost for this is £50 per child. This is payable on the first Saturday the block.

The Teachers
There will be two teachers for each group of four, and four activities. The teachers are either Reading Intervention trained or have specialist knowledge of dyslexia. All staff have been CRB checked.

The Classes:


Helping children from 6 – 18 years

This class is based at the Educational Settlement Maryport. Classes run for one hour on a Saturday morning either at 9:30 or 11:00. If you have any queries or wish to enrol your child please phone 07704 326 452

Seascale Train Your Brain
This class is based at Shackles Off, opposite the car park as you come under the railway bridge. There is room for only eight children, four in the first hour from 9.30am and four in the second hour from 11am.  If you have any queries or wish to enrol your child please phone Anne on 07704 326 452

The pupils have come up with a new name for the Saturday School in Seascale – Train Your Brain – to reflect that its right by the train station and that the activities are great agility for the brain.


Carlisle Saturday School

On the 27th April 2019 we are launching our new Saturday School in the Youth Zone in Carlisle for children from 6-16

This class will be run the same as our other classes because know this format and way of teaching with games works really well.

The cost is the same 50 pounds for a block of four payable at the first class.

Classes start either at 9.30 or 11.00.  Each child has an individual programme according to their needs, see above.

If you would like to know more or would like to enrol your child please call us on 07704 326 452